1. Q. What services does your organization provide?
A. A list of the services provided to qualified individuals are listed under PURPOSE & SERVICES.

2. Q. How do I know if I qualify for the services provided by NC4BA?
A. The criteria for qualifications of individuals, listed under CHARITABLE GIFTS.

3. Q. How do I contact your organization?

A. Click here to see ways of contacting us.

4. Q. I am indigent and feel that my civil rights have been violated during bankruptcy proceedings and feel that I meet the qualifications, listed on your website. What should I do next?

A. Please contact us so that we may initiate a pre-screening of your application for gifts and services available from NC4BA.

5. Q. I live in Los Angeles, and am in need of some legal assistance in filing a Chapter 11, bankruptcy? Can you help me?
A. NC4BA does not provide legal assistance per se, but we do supply RESOURCES, listed on the HOME page, available to you at various stages of your bankruptcy.

6. Q. I was a victim of bankruptcy abuse and want to help other victims, what can I do?
A. Please contact us concerning various types of charitable contributions, which can be made through NC4BA.

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