The purpose of NC4BA is to obtain accountability from the bankruptcy court system, and to provide services to qualified parties involved in the bankruptcy system, utilizing the basics of the A, E, I, O and U principles indicated below.



Assessment of:

  • the mental status of the victim to so see if he/she is at risk to harm themselves or others.

  • immediate financial needs for daily living.

  • disability status.


Education and training:

  • needed for court proceedings and an understanding of the bankruptcy code.


Intervention to:

  • curtail spending and to balance personal finances.


Organization and planning to:

  • include support system for other parties in house hold.


Understanding of the resources available to the victim:

  • Cultural/language and literary resources

  • Community, state and federal governmental resources available: including disability status, i.e., Veteran's Affairs, SSI, SSDI, Elderly Affairs

  • Providing a list of pre-bankruptcy filing resources, i.e., workout specialists

  • And Provide an accountability center to bring offenders of the bankruptcy code to justice and to protect our cherished rights.

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